Thursday, June 25

How To Repair A Broken Marriage - Emergency Techniques To Repair a Marriage In Crisis

Is your marriage on the rocks and headed for divorce? Break-downs in marriages are painful and confusing but there are ways to navigate a path through the broken pieces of your marriage and regain the happiness you once knew.

When a marriage is in crisis, there are two things things that will work in your favor (and work well) to restore your relationship. If you understand how to implement these techniques you can avoid a divorce and begin to repair your marriage starting today.

Restore communication. There is no getting around it. The break-down in communication between you and your spouse is only further damaging your marriage and making it impossible for you to resolve your problems. Good communication is the foundation of all relationships and cannot be overlooked.
Why? When two people first meet the initial communication creates a familiarity and affection. That affection, in turn, encourages a motivation to seek a deeper connection. That connection, when properly nourished, grows into a life-long and loving bond. Breakdown in communication leads to a break in the bond between couples. This, in turn, results in what you are currently experiencing - the breakdown of the marriage.
Repair the broken bond. This will be a lot easier than you think! You may not realize this but you already have a head start. By borrowing a little knowledge from the science of love, there are techniques that you can use to entice your spouse into falling in love with you. Again. Plus, it's so simple! Your head start? Your advantage is that you are already married. Studies have proven that couples who have been in a long-term realtionship (i.e. marriage) can fall in love over and over again because of the bonds that they have established. So, once you repair the broken bond, you are in like flin. When the bond has been re-established, affection will resurface and you and your partner will be motivated to work on the bigger issues.
How? There are actually some pretty powerful ways you can restore your relationship, repair your broken marriage, and avoid divorce that are simply beyond the scope of this particular post ( but are super easy….super fun ways of recapturing love that utilize the one advantage that you already have).

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