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Save Your Broken Marriage – Restore Your Marriage After Separation

Can my broken marriage be saved after a separation? Whatever the catalyst behind the separation, there are many reasons to be hopeful when trying restore your marriage after an estrangement. A separation can very well be advantageous for a troubled relationship in many ways. It can serve as an opportunity to make your marriage healthier and stronger than it was before. The time apart can be utilized as a time to think, to reflect, to analyze, to cool off and calm down, and to take a break from each other. It also provides time and space for each spouse to make unhurried, thoughtful decisions instead of waiting for things to blow up and then impulsively ending the marriage. Used in this way, a separation can actually help to save a marriage.

What can I do to reconcile with my spouse? Now that you and your partner have had time to regroup, hopefully the intensity of the emotions surrounding your marital problems have had a chance to subside. Now you can attempt to give your marriage a second chance with a clean slate. Saving your broken marriage will be a very straight forward two-step process. You will need to:

Reconnect emotionally.
This may seem like a huge hurdle to you but in reality you have the advantage when it comes to love. Studies have shown that couples with a shared history have the ability to rekindle romantic love much easier than even a young couple attracted for the very first time. The bond that has developed throughout the course of your relationship is what gives married couples the ability to reignite the flames of passion quite easily. Often all it takes to nudge you along the road to reconciliation are some intimate conversations involving a lot of deeply felt eye contact or engaging in some novel activities together to encourage the release of dopamine in the brain and trigger those feelings of romantic love.
Learn Conflict Resolution. You will need to eliminate the bad patterns that you've established in your marriage and learn new ways of problem solving. Follow these guidelines when beginning to establish your new and improved method of communication.

  • back down when emotions flare up
  • make sure that your expectations are realistic
  • approach problem solving with a "team" attitude
  • let go of a need to win
  • start small and expect occasional set-backs
  • identify and solve the problems, don't obsess over the symptoms
These tips are invaluable and they really do work! Learning to save a broken marriage is challenging, at best. For more easy-to-follow yet effective tools, here for relationship solutions.

Can a Marital Separation Ever Save a Marriage?
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  2. Most problems acn be sorted out by discussion and this is no exception here as well.I would ask both the parties to sit out and addres their issues.

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